CardioSnip® Evaluation

The CardioSnip® evaluation is performed by way of the free CardioSnip® app. This app has an integrated traffic-light-style system to determine the stress level of a person. The implemented detailed evaluation differentiates normal load from acute and chronic overload. CardioSnip® does not provide diagnoses. CardioSnip® Evaluation can also be used to assure the quality of therapies and / or medications by way of comparison of the before-and-after evaluations.


The evaluation of a measurement takes only a few minutes.

Hardware Requirements

The CardioSnip® app currently only supports iPads with the iOS operating system, version 9 or higher.


It is also possible to buy evaluations directly in the » CardioSnip® Shop


Do you want to learn more about the sequence of CardioSnip® evaluations?
A brief instruction for CardioSnip® evaluations can be downloaded as PDF from » Downloads